Automated sliding gates are an excellent solution for homeowners looking to make accessibility into their home convenient without compromising on securing their property. But for these sliding gates to have maximum operational efficiency, you would have to ensure they are receiving routine maintenance, otherwise the mechanical components will begin to deteriorate. In addition to hiring professional fence contractors to keep your sliding gates working reliably, you should also employ the following maintenance tips to prolong their lifespan.

Carry out scheduled visual inspections

One of the easiest ways of keeping your sliding gates in excellent condition is ensuring that you spot any signs of damage before they become aggravated. To do this, you would have to carry out visual inspections on a scheduled basis to make sure that you stay on top of things. Focus on the mechanical elements that are exposed to friction on a daily basis such as the drive belt, the metal racks, the rollers and the gate opener. Secondly, ensure that the gates are secured properly by inspecting the bolts, the bearing, the springs and more. Take note that it is not advisable to fix any loose connections as you could end up damaging them. Instead, hire professional fence contractors to service the gates.

Prioritise rust prevention

A favourite material used in the construction of sliding gates is metal, most commonly wrought iron. However, to keep this metal attractive, you would have to be extremely vigilant of rust prevention. The first thing to do would be ensuring dirt does not get the chance to accumulate and harden on your sliding gates. This dirt will begin to trap moisture, and eventually, there will be rust spots all over your sliding gates. Secondly, ensure that you powder coat your gates as often as needed. This frequency will largely be dependent on the prevailing climatic conditions of your location.

Periodically lubricate your sliding gates   

For your sliding gates to stay in good shape, they require friction-free operation. Lack of friction not only makes it easier for you to operate the gates, but it also ensures that your gates are a minimised risk of wear and tear. When selecting a lubricant, it is crucial to be guided by the manufacturer's recommendations so that the liquid is neither too viscous nor too watery for the moving parts. The right lubricant will also ensure that your sliding gates do not attract excessive dirt due to excessive grease.