A secure fence around your property can keep out trespassers, while also keeping your pets and children safely contained in the yard. A good fence can also prevent deer and other such wildlife from getting onto your property, so you can protect your trees and landscaping from potential damage. To ensure you choose the most secure fence for your home and your needs in particular, note a few details you'll want to consider and also discuss with your fencing contractor.

Landscaping and topography

If your property is very hilly rather than flat and even, note how this will affect the appearance of your fence. An iron fence composed of vertical bars may look a little odd as it works up and over those hills on your property, whereas glass may not offer such a noticeable, jagged line across the top of the fence.

If a fence will need to work around landscaping or mature trees, consider how the fence may enhance or detract from the view. An iron bar fence can allow you to still see those beautiful trees, and the bars may be easy to curve around those features. On the other hand, a solid panel fence will block the view, and may not be as easy to wrap around trees and other such landscaping. Your fencing contractor can note the landscaping and overall topography of your property and suggest fencing styles and materials that would work best.

Pets and wildlife

If you're worried about wildlife getting onto your property or having your pets escape your property, avoid any type of fence with slats. Even if these are spaced very close together, an animal can easily get their head wedged between those slats, or get a leg caught while trying to jump the fence. Choose a solid panel fence instead, and opt for vinyl if you have dogs who might dig around the fence, as this material is very durable and difficult to scratch or break.

Top rail of fence

Consider the top rail or the actual top of a fence, if you need some added security; if a potential trespasser cannot get a good grip on that fence top, they're less likely to be able to climb over it. You don't need barbed wire to provide security at the fence top, as this can be unsightly and may also be illegal for a residential property, but ask your fencing contractor about sharp finials or spikes for a metal fence. Pickets can also be sharpened on a wood fence so that these are difficult to scale.