Are you thinking about a new fence for your property? if you're looking for a fence that is low-maintenance, is easy on your wallet, and will stay looking great for a long time to come, you might be thinking about aluminium fencing and whether it is a better alternative to wood fencing. Here are five advantages of aluminium fencing over wood fencing.

1. Aluminium Fencing Does Not Deteriorate Or Rot

Aluminium fencing is designed to look great and keep its shine for a long time. Unlike timber-based fences, aluminium fencing is a more stable and durable product that doesn't move or degrade over time. There are also no seasonal effects on the installation of aluminium fencing, such as not being able to install them during wetter months, as they can withstand this sort of harsh weather.

2. Aluminium Fencing Is More Secure In Harsh Weather

No matter what the weather conditions are, aluminium fencing remains stable. This is due to the use of a slide lock system, which prevents the structure from shifting during heavy winds. If you reside in a location that suffers a lot of terrible weather, such as hurricanes or storms in northern areas of Australia, this can be really advantageous. 

3. Aluminium Fencing Is Easier To Repair And Cheaper To Maintain 

Aluminium isn't susceptible to rot, pest infestations, or fungus growth, which means that any damage can be fixed with minimal effort. You won't need to replace your whole fence or even coat it with chemical sealants. And because aluminium is non-porous, it won't need sanding or repainting.

4. Aluminium Fencing Is Quicker To Install With Less Construction Hassles

Whereas wood fences can be time-consuming to install and may require a specialised toolset or professional installation, aluminium fencing is lightweight and easy to work with. And when repairs need to be made, they're easier and cheaper with aluminium — and they won't make your yard look like it's under construction for months on end.

5. Aluminium Fencing Comes In A Greater Variety Of Styles And Colours

Aluminium fencing can be painted in any colour or finish that you like, making it a fantastic alternative for homeowners who want a fence that complements their home's design aesthetic. Because of the corrosion resistance of aluminium, your fence will not rust, allowing you to preserve the colour you initially selected as well as the style you like without the fence buckling or breaking. As a consequence, you will have a fence that will remain lovely year after year without the need to be changed.

These are five advantages that aluminium fencing has over wood fencing. So if you're looking for a fence that is low-maintenance, is easy on your wallet, and will stay looking great for a long time to come, consider aluminium fencing and chat with a friendly specialist today.