A front yard fence changes the way your home is seen; it affects your home's character and the layout of your landscaping. Even though many homeowners don't give it the attention it deserves, a fence can change the aesthetic of your home.

Today, a fence need not be all about keeping the dogs in or keeping other animals out. It can be much more than just defining your property line; a fence can be kinder and more aesthetically appropriate with the help of fencing contractors. Here are different types of fences and how you can choose one that is right for you and your home.

The vertical black metal fence

Though traditional, a vertical black metal fence is elegant, minimalist and stunning. You can use old style iron or modern aluminium to create this polite boundary that allows the perfect view of your home.

This fence is perfect for a multi-storey home owner, looking to raise the eye of the passer-by. Metal fencing is available in different styles to suit the style of your home.

The vertical wooden fence

Organic and versatile, a vertical wooden fence is a less expensive fencing choice for the homeowner who wants functionality and privacy. You can seal, stain or paint the fence to reflect your home's style and personality.

The horizontal wooden fence

Looking for a beautiful, captivating fence? A horizontal wooden fence offers a customised style to your home. It also offers a delicate appearance that feels warm and soothing to the landscape.

It is the perfect fence for a low building. You can manipulate the spacing of the lumber to meet the desired degree of privacy.

The solid concrete fence

Once used for industrial application and foundations, concrete has recently come into style as a fencing material. Concrete is a strong, low-maintenance material that offers an elegant, modern feel to a landscape.

However, building a concrete fence is tricky business that should only be handled by qualified fencing contractors.

Concrete creates a chic and a stylish fence that is best suited for a contemporary or industrial home. You can combine your fence with glass or steel for a stylish, unique design.

The panel fences

Fence panels can be made of steel, wood, bamboo, concrete, polycarbonate, glass and more. With these options, only your imagination can limit you. You can install the panels with or without gaps, depending on the degree of privacy you'd prefer. Panels offer a sleek design that can be used to reflect the architectural style of any home, from Victorian to contemporary homes.