It is always an interesting thing to look at a security fence and wonder how it works. Some of the questions that run through the mind are how an innovation like this can keep people safe and reduce instances of burglary as well as home invasion. Security has evolved into a more complex field mostly due to the increase in property that people need to protect and the developments in criminal activities.

Some of the security fences involved in the market include the chain link fences, the pedestrian barriers on the streets as well as the wooden hoarding fences. Each of the security fences is adapted to its individual function according to how you might want to use it.

Chain Link Fences 

A chain link fence represents one of the most streamline security fences in the category. This is intended for middle-level security, mainly to deny people access to certain areas while giving them full visibility. The chain link fences are fixed to either metal or concrete and due to their highly flexible nature can be used in the creation of boundaries as well as the provision of security in places like lawns, courts and sport pitches. To obtain high security from the chain link security fences, one can contact their security provider to install razor wire on top of the fence to prevent intruders from climbing over. Chain link fences are also used in places such as wild reserves where animals with little threat are separated from people using the fence.

Pedestrian Barriers on Streets 

Another insecure place for people, especially intoxicated people and little children is the roads, mostly the highways where cars are usually moving at great speeds. Such places do require the need for barrier fences which are intended to keep the cars and the pedestrians separate and in turn increase road safety. The pedestrian fences are usually made from metals such as steel and are mostly chest high from the ground thus separating everyone who is walking on the roads. These types of fences are intended for situations where a pedestrian accidentally falls onto the road leading to them being run over by a speeding car.

Wooden Hoarding Fences 

his sort of fences can be seen in areas such as properties which are vacant as well as sites under construction. They are used to conceal such places to keep the work going in the sites while restricting observers prying eyes some of whom may have ill intentions. The fences are constructed through the use of reinforced wooden boards which are then joined to wooden posts which are set in concrete. The wooden hoarding fences can withstand great pressure as well as deter the public from some of the dangers which may be posed by the construction sites.