Dogs can make great pets. Unfortunately, they can also cause problems if they escape from your property. If your dog keeps escaping from the grounds of your home despite the fencing you have installed there, you should check out the tips below.

Perform regular inspections

No matter how great the fencing was when it was originally installed, it won't last forever. Corrosion and extreme weather events can damage and weaken parts of the fence. These weakened sections will provide the ideal location for your dog to escape through. You should carry out a regular inspection of the fence which surrounds your home. If you notice any damage to the fence, you should call in a fencing contractor and ask them to repair it. During these inspections, you should also check for signs that the dog is trying to escape, such as holes near the bottom of the fence or scratch marks.

Install underground protection

Often, if a dog can't get over or through a fence, it will naturally try to dig underneath it. The ease at which your dog can escape by burrowing beneath the fence will very much depend on the type of ground on which the fence is built. If the fence is on soft sandy ground, then a dog may be able to get beneath it in a matter of minutes. However, harder ground which contains clay or rocks will slow down the dog's progress. The best way to prevent your dog from digging a tunnel under a fence is to install underground protection. This protection takes the form of metal plates which are buried beneath the fence line and which extend several feet under the earth. These plates form a physical barrier which will prevent your dog from escaping using a subterranean route. 

Add some height

If your dog is a large animal which can jump quite high, it may be able to clear the height of the fence. If you realise that this is how your dog is escaping, you should immediately call in a fencing contractor and consult which them about how you can add some height to your fence. It may be possible to add an extension onto an existing fence. If this is not possible, you may need to replace the entire fenced section. If your dog is jumping over the fence, you may wish to cover any sharp areas of the fence which could injure the dog as it tries to escape.

If you would like further advice, you should contact a fencing contractor today.