Puppies are adorable, but they don't stay puppies for long. Your four-legged bundle of joy will be an adult sized dog before you know it, and while your property might be suitable for containing them while they are still little, what about when they grow up? It doesn't happen overnight, so you will of course have sufficient time to determine whether your existing fencing will be enough to keep your dog on your property, without allowing them to bother any passers-by, whether through being aggressively territorial, or simply by being too friendly and curious. What are some easy fencing solutions for your soon-to-be grown up dog?

A Plant Buffer

If your front yard is fenced and is of a sufficient height to keep your dog from escaping, then you might want to minimise access to the actual fence. This will prevent the dog from charging the fence each time it thinks someone is approaching. Plant a row of dense shrubs along the fence, making it difficult for the dog to actually get alongside it. If you plant them early enough, they will be of a sufficient height and thickness before your dog reaches its full size. This type of buffer also looks lovely.

A Bamboo Barrier

If you don't want a row of shrubs in your front yard, you might simply want to block off your dog's view of the street outside. This is a great idea when your existing fencing is comprised of slats, perhaps with enough of a gap that allows your dog to poke its head through. Visit your local hardware shop and get some rolled-up bamboo fencing of a height that matches your fence. It can simply be unrolled and nailed against the existing fencing.

An Easy Height Increase

When the fencing is not going to be high enough, you can of course install a new fence. This can be expensive, so a more cost effective option is to add a trellis to the existing fence, greatly increasing its height. This is a quick and easy job for a fencing company to do, and you can add climbing plants for an aesthetically pleasing new front fence.

A Side Gate

You might just want to keep your dog out of the front yard altogether if your backyard fences are enough to keep them safely on your property. A new side gate and fencing can be necessary, but this is much easier and less expensive than an entirely new front yard fence. A small length of pool fencing can do the trick, along with a pool gate. This is designed to swing shut, greatly minimising any chance of escape. Again, such a project is quick and easy for a fencing company.

Puppies grow up before you know it, so it's important to start thinking of your fencing needs sooner rather than later.