Security remains to be a significant factor in our homes, institutions or commercial establishments. However, each of these places requires an entry point also referred to as a gate. A security gate is used to ensure that people can be granted access to the facility. However, with the automation of the systems to provide greater safety as well as comfort, security gates have evolved into much deeper features. Gone are the days when one required to alight from the vehicle to open a gate or need some representation from inside to do the same. These automated gates employ a gate operator which is a mechanical device that is used to open or close the gates. The gate operators can either be mechanical or electrical each employing unique ways of opening the gate.  There exist two types of automated gates in the market, these include the driveway swing and slide gates.

  1. The Automated Swing Gates – The automated swing gates are those hinged on either posts or pillars at whichever sides of the entrance. The gates can either be installed inwards or outwards depending on the layout of the site. The swing gates can either be automated through an overground or an underground system. The underground automation swing gate system is worked through the use of a geared motor. The motor is invented for underground installation which does not affect the appearance of the gate. On the other hand, the overground automated system comes with an irreversible electro-mechanical operator that has a guard as well as an articulated arm system for activation. This irreversible system ensures that the swing gate becomes mechanically locked once the motor is not in operation. For both the underground and overground swing gates, a manual release lever is used to open the gates in cases of emergencies.
  2. The Automated Slide Gates – The automated sliding gates employ an electro-mechanical operator which creates a movement to the leaf of the gate through the use of a pinion and a rack to the sliding gates. The gates also have an irreversible system which ensures that the gate becomes mechanically locked once the motor is not under operation. This, therefore, takes out the need of installing a lock to the gate. The motor gear comes equipped with a mechanical clutch that is adjustable thus affording the anti-crushing adjustable safety. Through the use of a release device, the gate can be operated manually in cases of power outages or malfunctions. Size, as well as the weight of the gate, are quite important when choosing a mechanical or hydraulic operator. These ensure that the automated security gate is free from trouble.