Australian homeowners typically lean toward timber fencing for their residence as this material is readily available and does boost the appeal of their property. Nonetheless, timber is one of the more labour intensive materials in the fencing industry, and you would be tasked with rigorous care to ensure it stays attractive. Moreover, over time, the timber will inevitably succumb to weathering, and you would eventually have to replace it.

Rather than choose to erect another timber fence, you should consider cast iron. Some people may veer away from this material due to sticker shock, but the advantages this fencing provides makes the steep price worthwhile. If you have discounted cast iron fencing under the impression it is too expensive, read the following benefits to see why it is worth the investment.

Cast iron fencing is one of the most secure solutions

When looking to fence your property, one of the major reasons to do so would be to improve the security of your premises. However, some people tend to focus more on the aesthetic of the materials and forget to bear in mind how well their fencing would stand up to high impact and a subsequent security breach. Cast iron is one of the strongest materials on the market. Therefore, you would not be at risk of potential intruders cutting through your fencing to access your property.

Secondly, the cast iron is highly durable. Thus, it will not be vulnerable to weak spots that burglars could take advantage of. Overall, investing in a cast iron fence would minimise the risk of security breaches on your property.

Cast iron fencing is great for personalisation

Just because cast iron fences will offer you a high degree of security does not mean that your property has to look like a fortress. Another of the reasons why this fencing material remains relevant and in demand is because it is highly customisable. If you would like bespoke fencing that will give your residence a unique appearance, cast iron fences would be an excellent choice.

A specialist fabricator can provide you with a myriad of designs to choose from to create a fence that will make a statement. You could lean toward angular lines to create an Art-Deco appearance, or you could simply choose to have your initials to create patterns on the fencing. No matter your choice, the intricate and ornate designs that you choose are sure to enhance your kerb appeal dramatically.