If you're planning to have a fencing contractor add a barrier to your deck and are currently trying to choose between a glass balustrade and a wooden fence, here are two reasons why it might be better to opt for the former.

1. Glass balustrades are better able to endure sustained exposure to the elements

If your deck is exposed to a lot of direct sunlight on a daily basis, or if the area in which you live has a humid or rainy climate, your fencing contractor will probably recommend that you choose glass balustrades instead of a wooden fence.

The reason for this is as follows; whilst wooden fences are usually painted with protective varnishes that can help to protect them from moisture and sunlight, they will begin to deteriorate when their varnish coatings start to degrade. When this happens, their colour will fade (most timber fences turn a gray shade after extended exposure to UV light), and wet rot is much more likely to set in (due to the wood being exposed to humid conditions and rainwater). The latter is especially problematic, as it can lead to the fence's panels weakening.

This means that if anyone leans against your deck fence after it has started to rot, the panels may crack under their weight. This could result in someone falling to the ground below the deck and being seriously hurt. If your wooden fence begins to rot, you will then have to have a fencing contractor either replace the affected panels or the entire fence (if the damage is too extensive).

Conversely, a glass balustrade will not change colour or becoming structurally unstable, even after being exposed to high humidity levels, rainwater or strong sunlight for several years. Furthermore, unlike a wooden fence, it will not need to be repainted every few years to keep it looking good.

2. It won't affect the view from your deck

If your deck offers a beautiful view of your garden or the surrounding area, then it might be best to ask your contractor to fit a glass balustrade rather than a wooden fence. The reason for this is as follows; because glass is transparent, it won't physically block any part of your view or distract from the beauty of your garden or the local area.

The same cannot be said for a wooden fence; the panels will not only prevent you from seeing the full view of your outdoor area but will also draw focus away from the pleasant view.