When you look at fencing options for your pool, safety is going to be one of your prime concerns – after all, added safety is the main reason fences are needed. Of course, all fences will help mark out where your pool is and prevent people accidently falling in, but glass pool fencing provides even great peace of mind than most options, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Incredibly Durable

When people think about glass, they tend to picture something that smashes easily. Naturally enough, this can lead to some serious reservations about glass pool fencing. However, the glass used to make pool fencing is incredibly durable. It will have been toughened during the manufacturing process to ensure it won't fail, and your supplier and installer will be legally bound to ensure it will live up to Australian standards. Unless somebody is deliberately trying to damage it, you shouldn't expect any problems from glass pool fencing.

2. Shatters Safely

Okay, but what if the glass does break? This is extremely unlikely, but you'll be fine even if the worst should happen. The glass used for pool fencing doesn't shatter into shards that you can cut yourself on. Instead, it is designed to break into small cubes that lack sharp surfaces. You won't need to worry about finding glass capable of cutting in or around the pool. In contrast, other pool fencing materials can present hazards when damaged – for example, broken wood can create splinters, and dented metal can scratch those who pass by.

3. Hard to Climb or Slip Through

Have you ever tried to climb a glass fence? It's practically impossible since the surface is so smooth. There's no way to gain a foothold, which is great for parents since children won't be able to clamber over. Additionally, each panel will be set close to the ground and close to its neighbour. Small children will have a hard time squeezing so much as a hand through, let alone their entire body. Even small pets shouldn't be able to get through.

4. Completely Transparent

Maybe you have older kids who can use the pool by themselves as long as you're supervising. If so, glass pool fencing will prove very attractive. Since it is completely transparent, you'll always have an interrupted view of what's happening in and around your pool. When you need to keep an eye on things from a window or elsewhere in the garden, you won't miss anything.