Adding a balustrade to an outdoor deck creates a safe environment where children and adults can relax in the comfort of their own home. And with the array of styles on offer, the right balustrade design can give your deck a touch of style and elegance. One such design option is glass. While glass isn't suitable for all decks, it does come with come unique advantages that other materials don't.

Uninterrupted Views

One advantage of decks is that they allow you to take in the views around your property as you relax. Solid balustrade materials like wood and stainless steel obstruct your view, especially when you are sitting or looking out over your yard from within your home. They might also get in the way when you take a picture of your yard.

But a glass balustrade gives you and your guests an unbroken view of the area. This means you can take in sunrises and sunsets without straining to look over the balustrade. And if your children are playing in the yard while you are sitting on your deck, you'll have a much better view of them with a glass balustrade.

Minimal Shadows

Glass balustrades won't shadow your decking area. Shadows can leave decking looking murky, especially in the corners, and they can leave you feeling penned in. Glass balustrades offer a more open and light environment that is free of murkiness and obstructions.

Few Pest and Weather Worries

Wooden and metal balustrades need to be maintained with reapplications of special coatings every so often. In the case of wood, staining treatments help protect the wood from termites and carpenter ants. And metal balustrades are at the mercy of the elements, especially if you live near the coast, where the air is more corrosive to metal.

You won't have to worry about pests damaging a glass balustrade, nor will harsh weather systems leave your glass looking faded and worn.

Simple Maintenance

When compared to other materials like wood and metal, glass is easy to maintain. For the most part, a glass balustrade simply requires that you wipe it down with warm water and soap once or twice a month. And unlike a wooden balustrade, you can polish your glass balustrade and leave it looking shiny and crystal clear for when visitors come over.

A glass balustrade is a good choice for your decking if you enjoy having guests over. It is easy to maintain and clean, and it won't get in the way of the beautiful views surrounding your home.