Many varied styles and materials are available for residential front fences, making it tricky to choose the best option. Here, read on to learn about the benefits of installing aluminium slat fencing. 

Privacy Control

These fences have a clever design, as you can adjust the slats and spaces in between to create privacy or openness. The slats come in varying widths, and they can be set close together or far apart. If you want a private front garden, use wide slats which fit closely. Otherwise, do the reverse and construct a fence with wide gaps and narrow slats for an exposed front yard. By varying the components, you can choose your desired privacy level.

Contain Children and Pets

Aluminium slat fences form secure boundaries for pets and children. They're typically quite tall, and with narrow gaps between the slats, they create an impenetrable barrier. You can construct a matching gate with a secure lock that allows you to relax, knowing everyone is safe in the front yard. Some other fence styles, such as tubular metal structures, have wider gaps, making them less secure for young ones and animals.

Colour Options

Aluminium slat barriers come in a wide array of colours, as the posts and slats are powder-coated in different hues. You could install a charcoal, cream, blue, or green fence. The alternating slats and gaps create an attractive texture and stop the wall from looking bland.

If you're trying to work out the best hue for the barrier, consider your house and the environment. You could repeat the roof, window trim, or exterior wall colour. Alternatively, pick a colour that harmonises with the garden.


These fences are resilient as aluminium naturally repels rust. Plus, the powder-coating paint layer encases the metal in an added protective coating. Whether you live along the coast or in a city, the barrier will withstand the atmosphere without degrading excessively. Use a garden hose or mild soap and sponge to clean the wall.

Blends with Diverse Home Styles

While aluminium slat fencing coordinates with modern homes,  it also suits diverse environments. You could install a brown slat fence in a bushland garden to give the appearance of rustic timber, for example. Plus, you can combine slats with other materials such as brick or cement render pillars. The mix of the two elements can create different aesthetics to complement a diverse range of architectural styles.