A pool fence needs to comply with safety standards. It must be a certain height and not have wide gaps through which children can squeeze. Plus, it must have a self-latching gate and other requirements. One attractive option that can fulfil all these criteria while adding grace to your garden is a tubular metal barrier. Here are some reasons to construct one of these around your pool.


These fences bring an elegant and classic look to a space with their repeated slim vertical railings. You can style the structure to fit your garden. You could choose a simple flat-top design without embellishment. Alternatively, build an ornately formed fence with scrolls and spearheads. You also pick from a range of colours to create the aesthetic you want. A straightforward design in white or cream will create a timeless look. Or you could pick black, green, maroon or other colours to match or contrast the fence against the paving and pool tiles. Glass balustrades don't have the same innate grace.


Tubular metal fences delineate the pool area and organise your garden without making it feel closed in. Because you can see through the barrier, you can watch children playing in the pool area from other parts of the yard. These metal fences divide your yard into distinct zones while remaining unobtrusive. From the pool area, you can view the entire garden. Thus, tubular barriers contribute to the creation of a sense of space in the landscape.


Their railing structure allows the breeze to waft through the fence and across the pool deck. This breeziness can provide relief on a hot day. On the other hand, with pool fencing that forms a wind block, the sun can bake the paving and make the pool area hot.


Tubular metal pool fences are durable as they use steel or aluminium. Aluminium naturally repels rust. Some kinds of steel that may corrode are covered in protective coatings. For example, galvanised metal is covered with a zinc film. Additionally, the powder coating process spreads a hard protective paint layer over the metal while adding an attractive finish.

Thus, tubular metal fences are ideal for around the pool. They bring a beautiful aesthetic to your backyard, allowing you to tailor the design and colour to suit the setting. Additionally, their see-through construction lets you watch over the pool area, making the yard feel more spacious. They allow the breeze to waft through the railings, making the pool area more comfortable on hot days. As well, they're long-lasting and durable.

Contact a local fence contractor to learn more about your options for pool fencing.